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Nine Great Wood Stove Accessories

Quality Wood StovesWhether you are looking for the best wood stoves available or a few accessories to complement your current wood burning stove, our member stores have exactly what you need. Check out your local UFS member store showroom to view a wide array of wood stoves & accessories.

A beautiful energy-saving wood stove is best enjoyed when you have all of the great accessories that are especially made to go with it. The extras can add to your stove’s aesthetics, but their primary functions are to make your wood stove a safer, handier, and more useful heat source. Here are nine recommended wood stove accessories:

1-Ash Bucket. Routine ash removal is essential for proper operation of the stove and must be done with great care, to avoid a hazardous fire caused by mishandling. There are many decorative ash buckets available, but the safest accessories are made of sheet metal and have a raised bottom and a tightly closing lid.

2-Ash Vacuum. Never use a regular household vacuum to remove ashes. You can, however, safely use an ash vac that is especially designed for that purpose. An ash vacuum is the quickest and safest way to remove cinders and warm ashes from your wood stove.

3-Stove Gloves. Stove gloves that provide protection to your hands and arms make it safe to place new logs inside your hot wood stove and even to shift logs around without the need for a tool. Using stove gloves is important because putting your hands inside a hot wood stove is extremely dangerous, and it has also proven to damage skin cells.

4-Fire Starter. A commercial fire starter should be used to get a fire started in a wood stove. Never use gasoline, kerosene, lighter fluid, or any other flammable liquid to start your fire because it is extremely hazardous to do so and could result in a severe burn injury.

Fireplace Tool Set5-Log Carrier. When it’s time to haul more wood into your home, a log carrier can make the job less of a chore. There are many styles and several materials to choose from, including wicker. All of the log carriers provide a better option than loading firewood up in your arms.

6-Log Holder. Keeping the firewood off of the floor once it is inside is important, to help keep insects away. Log holders, such as various kinds of racks, can add beauty to your home. Find a log holder that fits your available space; and keep in mind that the more logs you can store inside, the fewer times you have to brave the cold again for a fresh supply.

7-Stove Thermometer. With a wood stove thermometer, you can monitor the amount of heat being produced. Knowing the temperature can help you determine whether it’s time to add more logs or refrain from fueling the fire, which also allows you to conserve firewood. Stove thermometers can be installed on the wall, the stove, or the stovepipe.

8-Tool Set. A handy tool set for your wood stove keeps needed tools handy and tidy. Sets usually include:

A poker, which can be used to shift the firewood and stoke the flames.
A shovel and broom, which you can use to clean up ashes.
Tongs, for picking up flaming logs and readjusting them in the stove.

9-Cast Iron Cookware. One of the benefits of some wood stoves is that a space for cooking and warming food is included on the stove top. The pots and pans made for use on electric or gas stoves are too flimsy for use on a wood stove. Buy cast iron cookware; the best benefit of the cook stove is that when electricity goes out, you have a way to cook food and enjoy hot drinks.

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