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Why Choose HearthStone?

findastoreYour local UFS member store has a great collection of fireplace inserts & stoves, among those are top rated heating units from Hearthstone, a leading manufacturer of soapstone stoves and fireplace inserts.


Hearthstone Heritage Wood StoveDo you value beautifully-crafted, environmentally-friendly, American-made products that are easy to operation? If so, then you will appreciate a HearthStone stove or fireplace insert. Every model that Hearthstone manufactures is handcrafted in the U.S. by technicians who take pride in creating exceptional heating appliances.

Hearthstone offer some of the best gas, wood and pellet stoves available with incredible heat outputs and low emissions. With one of their fireplace insert, you can turn a traditional fireplace into powerful heat source.

What makes many of Hearthstone's stoves and inserts unique is the use of both soapstone and cast-iron. Soapstone is a metamorphic rock that is able to indefinitely withstand direct flames which makes it an ideal material for stoves and inserts. Fireboxes that are made of soapstone can last longer than steel, cast-iron or refractory brick fireboxes.

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Owning a Hearthstone Stove allows you to extend the "Heat-Life" of each burn of your stove. That means more efficient burning!

Since soapstone also absorbs and slowly radiates a soft heat (as opposed to the blasts of heat produced by traditional cast-iron or steel), a stove made of soapstone emits a steady heat long after the embers of the fire have gone cold. This extended HeatLife that soapstone stoves offer is the greatest advantage of incorporating it into stove and inserts. A consideration using soapstone is that it does not beginning radiating heat until the stone has warmed which means it does not provide the immediate heat of a cast-iron or steel stove. It takes 30 minutes to an hour to heat up depending on the size of the fire and the mass of the stove. After the fire, the soapstone stove will continue to heat after the fire has died down, with HeatLife up to 16 hours. 

A soapstone stove is ideal for homeowners who wish to use their fireplace insert or stove, instead of their central heating system, to heat their home, because it will maintain a comfortable heat throughout the night. Soapstone stoves are also preferable for homes with young children and curious animals because the stone prevents the stove from becoming as hot to the touch as steel or cast-iron. This is why Hearthstone uses soapstone in all of their classic designs. As a bonus, the attractive veining and other natural patterns in soapstone also add to the aesthetic value of the soapstone stoves. The rich colors within the stone are exposed by high temperatures and deepen over time making each stove unique.

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While Hearthstone is best known for soapstone stoves and inserts, they also offer solid cast-iron stoves that are manufactured with the same expert attention to detail and craftsmanship as our soapstone models. HearthStone’s cast iron stoves and inserts offer the advantages of soapstone in a more traditional look of a cast iron by lining the interior with soapstone. This gives these stoves a distinct advantage over all other brands on the market today.

HearthStone also has a line up of space conscious, contemporary wood stoves with a distinctly European style.

For more than 35 year Hearthstone has set themselves apart through the quality of the craftsmanship as much as through their unique designs. Hand built in Vermont, they have a strong commitment to environmental responsibility and quality that challenges them to continually innovate to improve the efficiency of their appliances. Every HearthStone stove and insert is EPA certified and exceed the EPA’s standards making them among the cleanest fuel-burning appliances available with simple, passive clean burning technology. When you use a HearthStone stove or insert you can feel good about doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint while heating your home with a stove or insert that has been individually designed to serve you for years.