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Gas Heating Stoves

Don’t be fooled by Big Box Stores.  Visit a real Hearth specialty shop to find the best deals on Gas Stoves. UFS Member Stores offer offer everything from low cost Gas Stoves to the best investments available.  This equipment offers great value because of quality design, construction and excellent performance.

Best Gas StoveFor old world charm with a splash of modern conveniences, explore the option of a freestanding gas stove. Free standing gas stoves can be added to any room, match any decor and meet your heating requirements.

Choose your Heating Type

Gas heating stoves come in direct-vent and vent-free varieties.  Direct-vent gas stoves can be vented through an exterior wall or up through the ceiling and out the roof.

If you are tired of burning wood and want to replace a wood-burning stove with a gas model, the existing chimney can be used to properly vent the new unit.

Some stoves, vent-free models, don’t require a vent at all.  If should be noted that there is no vent to the outside and some are concerned about indoor air quality and health concerns associated with these stoves.  If codes in your area allow their installation, in the correct application they can be effective and efficient heaters.

Personalized Just for You

Gas stoves come in many different sizes with various available features.  They allow you to personalize the options to meet whatever appearance and capabilities you desire. There’s a tremendous amount of flexibility with the design, colors and finishes available.  Manufacturers have created a model for every life-style. Choose between contemporary, rustic, old fashioned, retro and other styles.  If you are indecisive, how about one for every room?

A popular option offered on many models of gas heating stoves is a multi-function remote control.  Turn the equipment on and off, control the fan speed or the heat output of the stove.  Or put it in the automatic mode and let the remote control act as a thermostat!

Quick and Easy Installation

One of the main benefits of a gas-heating stove is the flexibility of installation. These heating units can be installed in almost any location within your home. Unless you have some mechanical aptitude and are familiar with codes and clearance requirements, these appliances should be installed by a professional.  There are serious consequences with incorrect installation.   House fires and carbon monoxide quickly come to mind. There are some limitations on where a gas stove can be installed.  Again, it’s always a good idea to check local codes and regulations before installing a gas stove, particularly in a bedroom or bathroom. Contact a local UFS Member Store to find out more about professional installation and service.

The View Through the Window

The dancing flames made visible through the glass viewing-window certainly add to the ambiance of the room with a gas stove. Technology has enabled freestanding gas stoves to have a large glass window in the front.  Some models have glass on the front and both sides of the unit so that the beautiful lapping flames can be enjoyed from several viewing angles in the room.

A Realistic View

The logs in a gas-burning stove are a work of art.  The design and placement of the logs are made to closely resemble real wood, giving the look of a real wood burning fire. The gas log sets are often molded from a real wood form and then hand painted to get an almost identical look to real wood. It’s easy to mistake a gas log set for a real wood fire because of the care that is taken in designing the faux logs.

Never go without Heat or Light

Do you live in an area with frequent power outages?  Are you concerned about big winter storms? With a gas heating stoves you will never have to fish around in the dark for a candle and matches or bundle up in coats and blankets indoors when the power goes out in the winter. Instead, start you gas powered stove and enjoy a warm and cozy night by the fire. Obviously a convection fan will not work with the power out, but modern free standing LP or natural gas stoves will provide wonderful radiant heat to warm the room.

Discount Gas Stoves

And Save Money Too!

Gas stoves can also help you save on heating costs. Gas heating stoves are perfect for “zone heating” or heating one area or room. This is a great way to keep the rooms you are using nice and warm without wasting energy on heating rooms that you seldom use. Along with the amazing warmth from the stove, the ambiance created by the dancing flames cannot be beat with another type of heat source.

How Does it all Come Together?

A new free standing gas heating stove is big decision.  There are lots of styles and lots of options and other decisions that you need to consider when shopping for that perfect stove. As with any purchase, it is important to weigh the costs and benefits. Remember, a gas-heating appliance is a purchase that can last for a lifetime, as long as a quality appliance is purchased. There are many cheap gas stoves that can be purchased at big box stores. Before purchasing a new gas stove, speak with an experienced professional about the quality and longevity of the appliance of your choice.  That’s where your UFS Member Store can provide lots of insight and knowledge.