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Stoll Fireplace DoorsThe member stores of UFS offer a full range of hearth products, from the best wood fireplaces to quality pellet stoves, but many also offer Stoll fireplace doors, fireplace screens, and fireplace enclosures.

Behind Stoll Fireplace, Inc.

Stoll Fireplace, Inc. manufactures a wide range of fireplace enclosures and accessories in Abbeville, SC. The company was established in 1969 by Mr. William Stoll when he discovered that he could not buy a fireplace screen for the oversized fireplace in his new home. Mr. Stoll’s sons Robert and Dennis have grown this family owned business to its current size, and the next generation is assuming management positions within the company, assuring the future. Stoll is committed to the values set down by Mr. Stoll. A well‐made product, offered at a fair price, and backed by excellent customer service.

About Stoll Fireplace Doors, Screens, & Accessories

Fireplaces are one of the most desired features in American homes. A well‐appointed fireplace is the focal point of any room. Stoll offers a variety of designer styles to fit any décor. From classic colonial to the clean lines of contemporary designs, Stoll has a style to complement any room. Materials used in fireplace enclosure construction include steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, which can be finished in a spectrum of durable powdercoat colors, unique hand‐finished textures and finishes, solid brass overlay, anodized, and high quality plated finishes.

Stoll Fireplace Doors - Fireplace ScreensStoll makes standard‐size fireplace enclosures in a range of sizes, or any enclosure can be custom tailored to fit a fireplace perfectly. For homeowners who have a factory built fireplace, rather than traditional masonry construction, Stoll offers a complete line of enclosures specifically designed for the unique requirements of manufactured fireplaces. Likewise, owners of Direct‐Vent gas fireplaces can upgrade the look and safety of their fireplace with a Stoll DV‐ ReFace. Today Stoll uses computer aided design (CAD) and high speed laser cutting machinery to ensure accuracy of design and manufacture. Special and unique designs can be custom crafted for the most discriminating homeowner. If a designer can imagine it, chances are Stoll can make it.

Stoll fireplace enclosures are both functional and decorative. A well fitted fireplace enclosure can minimize heat loss up the chimney and/or block cold air infiltration. Stoll manufactures gasketed fireplace enclosures (including a unique gasketed bi‐fold door design) where they are required or desired. Mesh screens (optional on some enclosure models) provide a barrier to sparks when a wood fire is burning. Closing the glass doors on a dying fire prevents the loss of heated room air while the fire burns out. For homeowners who live in warmer areas of the country Stoll makes a line of standard and custom size fireplace screens that are available in many styles and finishes. And, for homeowners who live in colder regions, Stoll makes grate heaters and heat exchanger systems to capture more heat from the fire.

Stoll also makes accessories to match or complement the style of their fireplace enclosures to complete the setting. Stoll’s fireplace accessories are fully functional as well as decorative. Tool sets, log holders, hearth centers, fireplace grates, etc. make burning the fireplace more enjoyable and safer.

Why Choose Stoll Fireplace Doors & Screens?

For over 4 decades, the metalsmiths at Stoll have been producing the finest quality fireplace doors, fireplace screens, and fireplace enclosures. The products Stoll offers continue to evolve and improve, but their dedication to customer satisfaction and workmanship has remained a top priority. Here are just a few reasons to choose a Stoll fireplace door, fireplace screen, or fireplace enclosure:Custom Fireplace Doors - Stoll

  • Safety: Stoll’s glass fireplace doors come standard with high quality cabinet mesh to enhance the safety of your fireplace when you are burning a fire. These mesh screens contain a latch system which keeps logs from rolling out of the fireplace and onto the hearth as well as contains stray sparks from escaping from the firebox. Homeowners will be able to confidently enjoy their fireplace with the extra safety Stoll fireplace doors provide.
  • Beauty: Stoll fireplace enclosures range from simple to ornate and include everything in between. Not only are these fireplace doors and screens a functional aspect of your hearth, but they add a touch of elegance and charm to your fireplace area. Optional decorative design elements can be added in order to personalize your fireplace doors to fit in with your custom décor.
  • Efficiency: Open burning fireplaces often allow climate-controlled interior air to escape through the chimney. Not to mention, most of the heat produced by a fire in an open-burning masonry fireplace escapes up and out of the chimney. Properly installed glass fireplace doors can effectively reduce the loss of your climate-controlled air by as much as 99%, increasing your heat efficiency and eliminating wasted energy.

Give your fireplace the attention it deserves. A beautiful fireplace is the heart of the home.