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Repair & MaintenanceWhen it’s time to repair your hearth or heating appliance, whether it’s a discount gas stove or top-quality wood burning insert, many UFS Member Stores offer repairs & replacement parts performed by highly trained & qualified service techs.

Your hearth appliance will undoubtedly require repairs and maintenance during its lifetime. If you have purchased your fireplace, stove, or insert from a Big Box store, you may wonder who to turn to when it comes time for repairs. Most times, your correspondence with these retailers ends after you pay for the product. Don’t find yourself scrambling to find qualified professionals to fix a broke stove in the bitter cold of winter. Purchase your hearth & heating appliances from a UFS Member Store.

With a specialty hearth store, you can count on outstanding customer service the moment you enter the showroom and then throughout the entire life of your fireplace, stove, or insert. Many of our Member Stores have a dedicated service department that will have the knowledge and skills to repair hearth appliances or replace broken components.

Not only does a specialty hearth store have access to a wide range of manufacturer parts, they also have the qualifications to quickly and properly address any issues your appliance may be facing. Repair technicians can also bring venting up to code and ensure that your unit gets up & running and functioning as it should.

You can always turn to your local UFS Member Hearth Store when it comes to repairs & maintenance for your fireplace, stove, or insert. Our members focus on building lasting relationships with customers who purchase hearth and heating appliances from their stores. Something you won’t find at Big Box store or online hearth retailer.

Absolutely LOVE my fireplace from Fireglow Distributors.

Dec 15, 2015 by 

I was blown away- I never knew my fireplace would look like this. I liked the price too.
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NortHeat was a great choice for us.

Dec 17, 2015 by 

Great new showroom and amazing products for those cold winters!!! My stove is insanely efficient! ...
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We are returning customers of Salter's Fireplace

Dec 02, 2015 by 

We have purchased two gas fireplaces and one really nice patio set from Salters. Their entire staff ...
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