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10 Stars for Hearth & Home Shoppe!!!!

Apr 05, 2016 by 

I am writing this because something truly extraordinary happened in my dealings with Hearth and Home Shoppes. I recently had them repair my fireplace (gas fireplace that would not ignite). The technician was professional, polite, and did a thorough job, wearing shoe-covers and all of the things they should do when working in your home. So the extraordinary starts here. I do not want to get into to much detail but I felt their was a billing discrepancy, no one\'s fault, just it is what it is. I contacted their office and had a conversation with customer service, a calm, professional conversation with them. Honestly, I came away believing I misunderstood or misheard them when setting up the service. I left that call feeling the matter was settled and no harm, no foul, I would use them again in the future. Two weeks later I look in the mail and their is a refund check! Now H&HS could have walked away from this hands clean and they would still have my business. But they didn\'t, they decided for whatever reason to, in their mind, make it right. Am I making too big a deal of this? I don\'t think so. This experience is rare to non-existent. When I called to tell them how blown away I was they put some of the onus on me because of my demeanor on the call. Fine, thanks, I get it. But they still could have walked away and still had my business (3rd time I said it, I know)! If Google had a 10th star I would have checked it. I wholeheartedly endorse Hearth and Home Shoppe for their great service and their exceptional moral fiber!

(via Google - Mechanicsville VA)

Olympia Fireplace was an excellent choice!

Apr 02, 2016 by 

Byron gave us a great deal on a new Lenox wood insert,we use it all the time! Installation was quick. Turns out Oly Fireplace installed all the fireplaces on my street when the condos were built in the 90's! That's crazy! Had some questions about using it on a Saturday, Jason walked me through some of the finer points of fluke usage, offered to come by but by then I was an expert. Oly Fireplace is your best bet for keeping warm!

(via Google - Olympia WA)

Hechler's Hearth & Home offers incredible service.

Mar 21, 2016 by 

Love the service and the people!

(via Google - Troy MO)

Sutter Home & Hearth Inc in WA

Mar 17, 2016 by 

For 25 years my gas stove quit working. I had been told before that parts were no longer available for it. After receiving a phone call from Van in answer to my email to Sutter and a few emails, he found that my stove wasn't the brand we thought it was. Parts are available and he recommended a repairman. I really appreciate Van's kindness and the time he took to help me! How refreshing! Thanks Van!!!

(via Google - Seattle WA)

Highly recommending Energy Savers in Oakdale MN.

Mar 10, 2016 by 

If you are looking for a fireplace or an insert this is your place! Outstanding customer service with all the knowledge you need to help you make the right choice for your home! Highly recommended!

(via Google - Oakdale MN)

Thank you Salter's Fireplace!

Feb 26, 2016 by 

Salter's was one of many places we planned to visit yesterday to find a new wood stove - it just happened to be our first stop. After spending time looking around and getting insight and information from Eric, we felt confident about what we wanted, but felt it our due diligence to still check out a few more stores. We had done research prior to going out, so had a good knowledge base to what we wanted, price points, and products. My husband & I got back in our car, discussed it, and a few minutes later, walked back in to purchase the stove. We both own our own businesses, and felt that the experience we had with Eric - his time, his expertise, his generosity in information about other products (that they don't even sell, but that he was knowledgable about) - was the exact experience we ourselves hope to leave our clients with. We feel it's not always about negotiating for the very cheapest price, but recognizing there is an essential value in the experience offered by a business and their expertise and concern for clients. In the process of the actual purchase, we also were offered help and communication from Jay, one of the owners, who was just as lovely as the sales guy, Eric. At lunch after we left, I must have said to my husband 5 times, "I can't believe how nice of an experience that was!" It's just not that common nowadays to leave a store feeling as great as we did with our experience there. I'm very happy to have found such a great local company that we will surely go back to! Thank you.

(via Google - Eagleville PA)

Fireplace & Bar-B-Q Center Nailed It.

Feb 12, 2016 by 

Shopped around for gas logs and went with this place.

The reason? Reasonable prices, good selection, but clearly the best customer service!

I installed the logs myself and the instructions Fireplace & Bar-B-Q Center provided (on top of the manufacturer's) really cleared up the installation process and made it super easy.

I'm not sure how good their installers are since I installed the logs myself, but I wouldn't hesitate to give them a try if I needed it.

(via Google - Overland Park KS)

5 Stars for Fireside in Bend Oregon

Jan 29, 2016 by 

We needed to replace our worn out wood stove and Fireside did a great job of helping us buy a new stove. The salesperson we worked with gave us some great choices and helped us save some money as well. The installation crew was friendly and professional. All in all a great experience and the new Lopi stove is highly efficient, safe and easy to operate.

(via Google - Bend OR)

Fireglow is very knowledgeable in their products.

Jan 24, 2016 by 

I was blown away- I never knew my fireplace would look like this. I liked the price too.

(via Google - Yorktown Heights, NY)

Great job Forden's!!

Jan 16, 2016 by 

Forden's did a great job with our gas fireplace insert replacing the original. The finished product works well, looks great and adds a touch of class to the room.
Their service was great from start to finish. They were courteous and professional. Great job Forden's!! Much appreciated!

(via Yelp - Los Osos CA)

United Fireplace and Stove , USA 4.9 5.0 221 221 I am writing this because something truly extraordinary happened in my dealings with Hearth and Home Shoppes. I recently had them repair my fireplace (gas fireplace that would no

Innovations for Quality Living - Worth the Call

May 19, 2015 by 

Outstanding. We had a repair call with these folks after repeated tries with another provider. ...
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Great shopping experience at Fireside in Bend OR

Jun 25, 2011 by 

We're in the process of selecting new patio furniture. It is easier choosing a house, my hubby ...
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To Fireplace & Bar-B-Q Center:

Feb 05, 2014 by 

Your staff is always wonderful. I have always been satisfied with your service. I love the fact that ...
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United Fireplace and Stove , USA 4.9 5.0 221 221 I am writing this because something truly extraordinary happened in my dealings with Hearth and Home Shoppes. I recently had them repair my fireplace (gas fireplace that would no

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