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Mantels / Surrounds – Custom Fireplace Treatments

Cheap Fireplace MantelsUFS Member Stores should be your first stop for the best selection of Fireplace Mantels & Surrounds. Stop by your local UFS member hearth shop to view a vast number of beautiful mantel shelves, custom surrounds, or fireplace wall treatments that will add luxury to your current fireplace & hearth.

If you are looking to add a truly stunning decorative feature to your fireplace, consider installing a mantel or surround.  These beautiful fireplace accessories can create a customized look that will enhance & accentuate the appearance of your fireplace.  If you are tired of the current look of your worn out fireplace, install a custom mantel shelf or surround to add instant pizzazz.  You can love the look of your fireplace again without the high price tag of a complete fireplace remodel.

Since the hearth & fireplace is often the heart of a home, it’s important to have it reflect the personality & lifestyle of the your family. Whether you want to install a simple mantel shelf that will hold knickknacks, photos and collectibles or an entire mantel, surround & wall treatment, speak with your local UFS Member Store. Our members have units that will fit all budgets and will help turn your drab fireplace into a majestic work of art.

Custom Fireplace SurroundTypically, people hear the word “mantel” and simply think of the shelf above your fireplace. In reality, the term mantel actually refers to all components that make up the design of the fireplace surround. This includes everything from the pilaster/legs, to the mantel facing, frieze and ornamental shelf.  You can change most of these elements to give your fireplace a new feel and look.

Many UFS member stores will even create and install custom mantels & surrounds that include full wall treatments designed with marble, wood, granite or other natural stone or brick. Adding a touch of elegance to your hearth can be as simple as installing a mantel shelf or surround. Stop by a local member store.  They will have access to everything from modern & sleek to traditional or rustic mantels and surrounds.  Speak with a hearth expert who can help give your boring old fireplace a brand new exciting appearance.