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Linear Gas Fireplaces | Best Linear Gas Burning Fireplaces

Visit a UFS member hearth store to find the best linear gas fireplaces models.  From linear gas fireplace inserts to uniquely-designed large linear models, homeowners can find the perfect linear fireplace for their style & tastes.

Linear Gas FireplacesAlthough most people enjoy the atmosphere and warmth that a fire provides, discerning homeowners may feel that a traditional fireplace is too big and cumbersome for their modern-styled home. In order to offer homeowners a sleek and stylish way to heat their home, the hearth industry began designing Linear Gas Fireplaces. Unlike large & bulky masonry fireplaces, linear gas fireplaces have clean lines and a low profile to perfectly complement a contemporary house. Designed to feature a long and low rectangular viewing space and a wide swatch of flames accented with fireglass, stone, or other modern alternatives to rustic log sets, linear gas fireplaces are a great choice for chic spaces.

Thanks to their crisp & clean design and low profile construction, linear gas fireplaces have installation flexibility and can often be installed in rooms where a traditional fireplace would not be practical. Many of these heating units also have different venting choices available and can be vented horizontally or vertically depending on installation requirements. There are a few linear gas fireplace models that are vent-free, but most units offer flexible direct venting requirements that allow for more freedom with the installation, venting either up the chimney or out a side wall.

Linear gas fireplaces can even be customized further to create a look and feel that perfectly complements your current décor and tastes. From interchangeable surrounds to firebox accents, homeowners can create an efficient heating element that effectively matches the style of their home.

New Installation vs Remodel

Whether you are adding a fireplace to a room where there currently is none or simply remodeling your hearth & fireplace area, a linear gas fireplace is a great option. The minimal installation requirements simple design makes adding a linear gas fireplace to your home a breeze, not to mention significantly more affordable than a masonry fireplace.

If you are upgrading your current fireplace, consider a linear gas fireplace insert. As long as your current fireplace opening can accommodate an insert with a larger width, installation should not be difficult. The surrounds on these units are designed to completely cover the opening of a regular-sized firebox and will transform it into a long and wide viewing space to complete the modern look. The fireplace surround can also be modified to adjust the height of the existing fireplace opening in order to suit the new linear gas fireplace insert.

Efficient & Effective Heating

Best Linear Gas FireplacesLinear gas fireplaces are as efficient as they are beautiful. From zone heating your favorite room to supplementing your current heating system, you’ll get all the warmth you need from these heating powerhouses. Reaching heat outputs of 55,000+ BTU/hr, linear gas fireplaces are designed to push heat into your living space instead of allowing it to escape out of the chimney. Homeowners can also choose between two types of gas fuel; natural gas & liquid propane.

Convenience and gas fireplaces go hand-in-hand and linear models are no different. These feature-laden heating appliances offer a number of convenient attributes like adjustable flame height and heat output controls, automatic ignition, remote control access, high power blowers, and more. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits and advantages of owning a linear gas fireplace or would like to compare top rated models side by side, stop by your local UFS member hearth store. Homeowners can get assistance with choosing the perfect linear gas fireplace or advice on service and installation procedures.

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