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Intro to New Non-Catalytic Wood Stoves

Superior Quality Non-Catalytic Wood StovesHomeowners looking for superior non-catalytic wood stoves need to look no further than their local UFS Member Store showroom. With a full selection of the best wood burning stoves available, United Fireplace and Stove member stores are the perfect place to shop.

What sets new non-catalytic wood stoves apart from older models is that there is a secondary combustion zone which boosts the usual combustion process. The smoke is burned off before exiting through the flue, making the appliances clean and efficient. Professional installation is essential, as is proper operation.



If a non-catalytic wood stove is improperly installed, the appliance will cause more pollution instead of less and the draft of the stove will be adversely affected. Without proper draft, the potential high efficiency of the stove is greatly diminished. More importantly, a house fire could be the result of faulty installation.

It’s always important to check with local government to learn about how building codes and permits affect non-catalytic wood stove installation. In addition, check with your fire insurance company to be sure the appliance is covered; professional installation is probably required for the appliance to be insured.


More about installation follows:

  • A trained and certified installer of your wood stove will be certain that seals are tight, the stove is able to draft properly, and that all safety measures are taken into consideration upon installation.
  • The installer may recommend that a flue liner be installed in the chimney in order to: Meet the manufacturer’s instructions regarding flue diameter; ensure proper draft; and to prevent icing, which causes chimney obstruction. In addition, if the flue is not the correct size for the stove, the result could be that smoke leaks into your home.

Luxury Wood StovesOperation

To get maximum benefit out of your premium non-catalytic wood stove, manufacturer-recommended operation is a must. The following are tips for proper operation:

  • Burn only seasoned firewood, not green or fresh-cut wood. To season or dry firewood, it should be stored outdoors for at least six months, protected from rain with a loose covering, and stacked in a way that air can circulate through the pile freely.
  • Burn moderate to full loads of firewood; use split logs or small pieces of firewood as opposed to a few sizeable logs.
  • Quickly start out with a hot fire because to achieve secondary combustion, high temperatures are necessary.
  • Carefully follow manufacturer’s instruction regarding the use of secondary air controls.
  • Minimize door openings, to keep the temperature in the stove high and cut down on the amount of pollution released indoors and outdoors.
  • When the charcoal bed of the fire burns down to a depth of about 3 to 4 inches, reload the stove. De-ash the charcoal bed by stirring, but do not compress it or break up the charcoal. In this way, the new fuel will be ignited more quickly and temperature will remain high.
  • If internal fans are included in your non-catalytic wood stove, use them according to instructions. Take note that some manufacturers suggest that the fans be turned off for about a half hour after start-up and refueling because fans reduce the amount of heat produced by the fire and more pollution results from cooler fires. They also recommend setting fans on low when you are burning small fires.

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