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Professional InstallationUFS Member Stores offer professional installations by trained technicians on every stove, insert, & fireplace they offer. Whether it’s a new low cost gas stove or a luxurious pellet insert, homeowners can trust that their new appliance will be installed properly to deliver top performance and operate safely & efficiently.

UFS Member Stores can offer one thing that Big Box stores or online hearth retailers can’t- installations by industry trained professionals. Your correspondence with your hearth retailer should not stop immediately after you pay for your new fireplace, stove, or insert. It should extend through the life of the product, and most importantly, the store should provide a quality, professional installation.

Most of our UFS Member Stores have service departments that handle in-house installation. Many of these stores also employ certified installers that have a specialized understanding of the installation process & requirements for a full range of hearth products. Members who do not have a large service department still use dedicated subcontractors that are highly trained and qualified to perform hearth product installations, so customers can rest assured that their new heating appliance will function safely and efficiently.

Also, most manufacturer warranties require all product installations to be performed by qualified, trained professionals. You can actually void your warranty by installing your new fireplace, insert, or stove yourself, or by having an untrained employee of a Big Box store do it. If you truly want the best performance from your heating appliance, make sure to turn to a privately owned specialty hearth store.

PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION needs to be done by qualified hearth & heating technicians- not by someone connected to a big box store who installs a refrigerator, then a dryer, then a kitchen sink, then a pellet stove! This is NOT a job for a “handyman”, it is a job for a trained professional.

In the end, it’s important to remember that proper installation is the key to determining the safeness and efficiency of your new hearth appliance. UFS Member Stores work with fully trained & qualified installers who will properly set up your product to ensure high efficiency & safe performance.

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Marsh's - Family Room Gas Direct Vent Fireplace

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