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Hearthstone’s Commitment to Green Living & Energy Efficiency

findastoreYour local UFS member store offers eco-friendly, green heating options from Hearthstone, the leading manufacturer of soapstone stoves, including gas stoves, wood stoves, and pellet stoves, and even a wood burning fireplace insert. You should consider these incredible, energy efficient heating alternatives.

Hearthstone Heritage Wood StoveDid you know that burning a tree in one of HearthStone’s pellet or wood-burning stoves produces less carbon dioxide (CO2) than letting that same tree decompose in the forest?

Wood is naturally a carbon-neutral fuel but the advanced, low emission combustion system in HearthStone’s stoves improves the environmental impact of burning wood and wood pellets. All of Hearthstone's wood and pellet stoves are EPA certified and are among the cleanest burning – if not the cleanest burning – biomass fuel models available. Every gas stove allow homeowners to decrease their carbon footprint by effectively zone heating their homes.

Hearthstone has been in the business of providing environmentally conscious heating solutions for families since 1978. By the time the EPA set clean air standards for stove manufacturers in 1988, Hearthstone had already devoted 10 years to developing an environmentally friendly secondary combustion system that exceeded their standard.

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According to the EPA’s clean air standards that went into effect at the end of the 1980s, all non-catalytic stoves must produce less than 7.4 grams of particulates per hour and all stoves with catalytic combustion systems must produce 4.0 grams or less of particulates per hour. (The reason that catalytic stoves have more stringent requirements is because their effectiveness decreases overtime while non-catalytic stoves have consistent emission throughout their lives).

Hearthstone Mansfield Wood Stove - SoapstoneWhile the average wood-burning stove in 1988 produced approximately 70-80 grams per hour of particulates (or smoke filled with unburnt wood particles and other combustion by-products), HearthStone stoves already met the EPA’s standards. Today, all of HearthStone’s stoves produce less than 4 grams of particulates per hour. The Homestead model is one of the cleanest burning woodstoves available with around just 1.9 grams per hour.

Hearthstone has committed to manufacturing efficient, clean-burning stoves that produce low CO2 emissions because preserving the environment —today and in the future—is a top priority. This is one of the main reasons Hearthstone has continually invested in the improvement of their heating systems to protect the earth. The Hergom foundry in Europe is devoted to working on new initiatives and developing innovative programs that will help Hearthstone to meet the European IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) standards and mitigate their environmental impact.

Hearthstone has been working hard to provide viable green heating systems that do not contribute to the greenhouse effect so that homeowners have an environmentally friendly way to keep their families warm.

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