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Gas Fireplaces

findastoreThere are over 180 United Fireplace and Stove member stores across the US and Canada. Benefit from the buying power of North America’s largest network of independently owned hearth stores, UFS is a brand that you can trust for dependability, value & experience.

Find great deals on Gas Fireplaces at any one of our UFS Member Stores. Nothing compares to the knowledge and experience of a real brick-and-mortar Hearth Shop who has dedicated and industry-trained staff ready to help.

Ambiance Gas Fireplace by IntrigueToday’s consumers choose gas fireplaces for their homes for many reasons. A gas fireplace is easy to use, safe and a valuable addition to any home. With a gas fireplace, a warm crackling fire is never more than a click away. You don’t need a special occasion to start up your fireplace; warm, dancing flames can light up your home in a matter of seconds without the hard work and mess off a traditional fireplace.

Intrigue by Ambiance Fireplaces is the featured gas fireplace for UFS Member Stores.  It has been designed by over 100 premier hearth store owners across the USA and Canada.  The Intrigue is an amazing product that is highly efficient and offers great heating performance.  The Intrigue is truly one of the best performing gas fireplace values on the market.

While it may be tempting to purchase the cheapest gas fireplace model available, there are other considerations that should be taken into account along with the price. A low cost is one element you should look for in your new appliance.  A gas fireplace is an investment that you will be able to enjoy every day for many years to come.  The quality of the appliance that you choose will directly correspond to how long your gas fireplace will last. Continue reading to learn the top five reasons why a quality gas fireplace unit is a solid investment that you and your family will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Ease of Use

Gas fireplaces have a simplicity that no other heating appliances have; they can be operated with the flip of a switch or click of a button. Many models come with a remote control, while others have a wall thermostat to control the intensity of the heat. With a warm friendly fire always waiting at the tip of your fingers, you can transform your room in seconds. No more time spent coaxing a fire to life and adding firewood until it grows to a roaring blaze. With a gas fireplace, just turn the heat up to your desired temperature and the flames will instantly respond.

Clean and Simple

One of the biggest selling features of a gas fireplace is the fact that you will not have to worry about messy wood and labor intensive set up ever again. No more cutting, stacking, hauling and maintaining your wood supply in order to keep warm all winter long. Whether you choose a liquid propane (LP) or natural gas unit, gas appliances operate with no mess and no work and create a magnificent fire throughout the long winter.

High Efficiency

Typically a high performance gas fireplace will deliver between 80 and 85 percent efficiency rating.  This equates to delivering a high return in usable heat for every dollar spent on fuel.  Be sure to look at the large selection of gas fireplaces that will deliver the results you are looking for when adding heat to your home.  Your UFS member will have lots of options!

Gas fireplaces burn so much cleaner than their wood counterparts.  Gas fires burn more efficiently without releasing harmful byproducts into the atmosphere, making them a great eco-friendly option.  It is important to remember that even with the cleaner burning process, gas appliances will still need occational service by a qualified technician.  Most homeowners realize the importance of inspecting and cleaning wood burning fireplaces, but they often forget that gas burning appliances require some care too.

Flexible Design

Gas fireplaces come in many designs and styles.  From traditional and rustic wood logs to modern and contemporary linear glass beads or stone  burners, the flames in a gas fireplace can dance on many different types of materials. Whatever your home decor, you can find the perfect gas fireplace to accentuate the space.  Don’t forget you can customize it with your favorite features for convenience, too!  Properly installed and set up, modern gas fireplaces are not sooty and will not create any dust.  Just embrace the simple elegance and convienience of a gas appliance.

Additional Warmth

Cheap gas fireplacesAlong with all of the design advantages, gas fireplaces are also perfect for adding just the right amount of heat to a chilly room.  Rather than avoid the rooms in your house that consistently feel cooler than the rest of your home, install a gas fireplace to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.  Just turn the fireplace on when you are occupying the room and switch it off when you leave!  By “zone heating”, a gas fireplace helps you conserve resources by only heating those rooms that you are spending time in.

Unlike traditional wood-burning equipment, a gas appliance is nothing to worry about when you leave the house or go to sleep. Instead, keep the fire burning through the night to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room.  Stay comfortable and no more waiting for the embers to burn out!

When purchasing a gas fireplace always remember to check whether  the store provides installation and service for the unit.  Simply buying a low cost gas fireplace and having a contractor install the unit may actually void the warranty on many brands. Manufacturers of gas fireplaces typically rely on certified technicians that are authorized to install and service their line of products.  It is  important that the venting system used with your gas fireplace be approved by the manufacturer to insure safe operation.  Properly venting a gas fireplace is critical for performance and safety.  Having your new gas fireplace installed correctly by a trained professional is critically important to ensure the safety of your home and family.

To discover the best value available for a gas fireplace consider the quality of the appliance, the reputation and relationship you develop with the dealership . . . and of course, the price!

A gas fireplace can make a great addition to any home. Enjoy the ease of a gas-fueled fire with a gas fireplace, gas insert or gas log set. Each option from your UFS Member Store provides you with the flexibility and ease of a bright and cheery fire at your fingertips.