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Fireplace Doors and Screens

From discount fireplace screens to state-of-the-art self-cleaning glass fireplace doors, UFS Member Stores are fully stocked with the best selection of Fireplace Doors and Screens. Stop by your local UFS member hearth shop to view a vast number of beautiful doors & screens that will add luxury & functionality to your current fireplace or insert. 

Best Fireplace ScreensAfter finding the perfect fireplace, the final step is choosing a fireplace screen or door to complete the look. Fireplace screens and doors each come in many different materials, shapes, sizes and prices, so there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you need a low cost screen to keep embers from flying out of your crackling fire or a luxurious set of glass doors that add safety and energy efficiency to your open burning fireplace, our members have you covered. Some pre-fabricated fireplaces even have specially designed screens or doors to go along with them from the manufacturer, which makes the selection process much easier. Improve the safety of your fireplace and add a beautiful accent with a fireplace screen or set of glass doors that will meet your needs and compliment your décor. Visit Our Featured Brand – Stoll Fireplace Doors.


Why Should I Use a Glass Fireplace Door or Screen?

There are a number of great reasons to invest in a low cost gas fireplace screen or a beautiful set of glass fireplace doors, and here are just a few:


With any open fire there is a certain element of danger. Rather than risk a stray spark igniting the nearby carpet, or a small child from getting too close, install elegant glass doors or a mesh metal screen to keep your fireplace safe and secure.


Fireplaces naturally pull in air from the home to vent the by-products of the fire. Even when the fireplace is not in use, an open fireplace is similar to an open widow. By installing glass doors to enclose the open fire, this will greatly reduce the airflow and help you conserve energy.


Glass doors and screens enable you to keep your family and home safe from the blazing fire, conserve energy and still enjoy the beautiful dancing flames. These covers do not limit your view and still allow you to watch the burning fire. You can also choose from many different styles of fireplace screens to keep the fireplace looking neat at all times.

Fireplace Doors

Discount Fireplace Glass DoorsThe first decision you will need to make when choosing new fireplace doors is whether you need a custom set or stock doors. If you own an arched fireplace or any other unique sized structure, you will most likely have to go with a custom set in order for the doors to fit perfectly. Any fireplace that is not perfectly square or that is smaller or larger than a typical pre-fabricated fireplace will most likely need a custom fireplace door as well. Stock doors typically only come in a few sizes, and are typically only made for openings that are perfectly square, so they don’t fit every fireplace.

Another situation where you may need a custom door is when you are replacing an existing door. In this case, even if a stock door generally fits the opening, the new door may expose some previously hidden tile or bricks that shows different wear than the rest structure. In this case, even a small difference in the size of the new doors can make a big impact on the appearance of the fireplace with the exposed unsightly discolored or damaged tiles and bricks. A custom door can easily solve this problem by updating the look of the old doors, but still maintaining the same dimensions.

Another reason to choose a custom glass door set is to get the exact look that you want. Some steel doors can only be purchased as custom doors. These have heavier hinges and a tighter seem in the door for a more efficient fire. Many stock doors also are only available in a few select colors, but when custom made, fireplace doors can take on any appearance you could wish for.

A stock door can also be a great option. Some pre-fabricated fireplaces have the option of purchasing a matching stock glass door to complete the look of your fireplace. Also, if your fireplace is a standard size, you can save a significant amount of money by choosing a stock door. Another consideration is the number of choices you have. Some shoppers may appreciate the small number of options with the stock fireplace doors because it makes the decision making process much easier. So, if you are looking for a quick and easy decision that won’t cost very much, and you have a fireplace that can accommodate one of these doors, the stock fireplace doors are the way to go.

Once you know whether you will need a stock or custom door, you will then have to decide what type of finish and look you would like to have. Browsing a showroom in person to see the full size version of each option is the best way to make a decision. Fireplace doors are available in any style, color, and material.

While it may be hard to sift though all of the choice and decide on one glass door for your fireplace, the cohesive and complete look you will achieve will be well worth the extra effort. We also have many experienced experts to help with the selection process of choosing either a custom or stock door at each of our local hearth stores. Either way, stock or custom, you will not be disappointed with the new look of your fireplace.

Fireplace Screens

Fireplace ScreensFireplace screens are another option for enclosing the fireplace space. Fireplace screens typically come in the main varieties of spark guard, folding screens, and mesh curtains.

Spark Guard Screens

The spark guard varieties of fireplace screen are designed to keep stray sparks and fireplace remnants inside of the fireplace box and away from flammable materials within your home. These fireplace screens also work to keep children and pets from getting too close to the flames. Spark guard screens are recommended for all fireplaces that do not have a fireplace door or any other covering for the open fire. These spark guard screens can come in 1-panel varieties or multiple screen panels. A correct fit for one of these screens will typically leave about a 1-inch overlap on the top and sides of the fireplace opening. These screens are typically designed to fit flat against the fireplace opening.

Folding Fireplace Screens

This type of fireplace screen is designed to sit in front of the fireplace on the hearth. Folding screens should be about 3 to 4 inches taller than the fireplace opening to properly protect the room from stay sparks from the fire. With a gas fireplace, the folding screen will only need to be about 1 inch higher than the fireplace opening.

When ordering a folding fireplace screen, note that the width stated by the manufacture is the width of the screen when it is laid out flat. These screens cannot stand alone when stretched out flat. Therefore, to calculate the size of the folding fireplace screen that will work for your fireplace, you will need to add a few inches to account for the space of the folds. To calculate the correct size to order, add about 20 to 30 percent to the width of your fireplace opening and order this new size in the folding fireplace screen of your choosing.

Three-panel folding screens are the most popular type of folding screen because this variety gives a clear unobstructed view of the fire from the center of the fireplace. Four-panel screens are also popular because of the more traditional look and because they are easy to fold up and store for cleaning and tending to the fire. Five-panel screens are less common but can be a great option for a very large fireplace opening.

Mesh Curtain Fireplace Screens

These mesh fireplace screens are a very popular cover for open fireplaces. Each screen is custom fit to cover your fireplace opening perfectly. The screens are fastened onto your fireplace with brackets or with legs that allow the screen to stand on its own in front of the fireplace. The screens are typically designed to overlap on the top and sides of the fireplace opening by about ½ inches.

Whether you choose a fireplace screen or door, you will know that you are protecting your family members and home from the hazards of an open fire. You will also have the benefit of the beautiful style and design of the door or screen that can greatly add to the appearance of your fireplace. Give the focal point of your room a makeover with a new low-cost fireplace door or screen.