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Zero-Clearance Fireplace – Cost-Efficient Fireplaces Ready to Install

loveland co zc fireplace installed Zero-clearance fireplaces may be the fulfillment of everyman’s dream. Most people want a fireplace in their home; but masonry fireplaces are bulky and can be cost-prohibitive. Zero-clearance fireplaces have flexible, hassle-free installation requirements. Just about any space in any person’s home in the U.S. is likely to be ideal for having a fireplace installed, as long as it’s a zero-clearance appliance. These modern fireplaces are eco-friendly and can help you cut utility costs every winter. Anyone can live the dream of enjoying a roaring home fire in winter, thanks to the design and construction of zero-clearance fireplaces.

About Zero-Clearance Fireplaces

The most outstanding feature of a zero-clearance fireplace is that it can safely be installed almost directly against combustible materials. Since virtually no buffer zone is needed, the appliances can fit in small spaces. The exteriors of zero-clearance fireplaces do not heat up enough to cause any type of harmful effect on nearby materials, due to their construction. The following is more information about pre-manufactured ZC fireplaces:

· Unlike masonry fireplaces, no complex masonry of any kind is required in the safe installation of a zero-clearance fireplace. It is easy, quick, and inexpensive to install a zero-clearance fireplace according to manufacturer’s instructions, especially as compared to a traditional fireplace. Professional installation is recommended and may be a requirement, depending on both building codes where you live and your home’s insurance policy.

· Zero-clearance fireplaces are highly efficient, no matter which type of fuel you choose. With less than 30% of the heat from a ZC fireplace wasted, on average, a ZC fireplace is an excellent supplemental heat source. For further comparison, please note that masonry fireplaces typically lose at least 90% of the heat up the chimney.

Fuel Types

You can choose a beautiful, efficient zero-clearance fireplace that burns wood, gas, or pellets or even one that uses electricity.

· zc fireplaces near boulder coWith a wood-burning ZC fireplace, you have the benefits of using the least expensive fuel and having the ambiance that only wood fires create.

· With a gas ZC fireplace, you can enjoy incredible convenience plus energy efficiency and the satisfaction of knowing you are burning a clean fuel.

· Both wood-burning and gas zero-clearance fireplaces are useful in a blackout and can provide light, heat, and at least minimal cooking benefits anytime.

· Finally, an electric zero-clearance fireplace requires only a proper electrical outlet and adherence to safety precautions to begin enjoying heat by a fire. You can even opt to forego the heating function. Turn off the heat and simply enjoy the cozy effects of a faux fire year-around.

Aesthetic Appeal

Stop by any of our member stores to see with your own eyes the many sizes and styles of zero clearance fireplaces. There are designs to fit any décor, from rustic to traditional to contemporary and ultra-modern.


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