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Wood Stoves Versus Fireplaces

Wood Burning Fireplace - EnerzoneIf you are trying to make a choice between a wood stove and a fireplace for your home, it will help to know the differences between the two. Because a modern wood stove can be as charming as a fireplace, you don’t have to base your decision on aesthetics. Burning wood has benefits, including the fact that it is the most sustainable and inexpensive type of fuel you can use to heat your home. If you are interested in protecting the environment, however, burning wood more efficiently may be important to you. Check out the comparison of wood stoves and traditional fireplaces below.


No more are the days when a cast-iron wood stove was only available in one generic, old-fashioned look. There are now many designs that fit a variety of types of décor. You can even choose from sleek models that look like small furnaces. Modern wood stoves typically have glass doors that allow you to enjoy watching the flames inside.

Fireplaces, on the other hand, can be built with a much wider range of materials and with a virtually limitless choice of design. Fireplace architecture is typically the focal point of a home and the place with the greatest architectural impact.

When it comes to available selection and potential beauty, fireplaces have the clear advantage over wood stoves.

Heating Efficiency

Beautiful fireplaces have been a source of great pleasure for homeowners for centuries, in spite of the fact that they are unable to supply a home with a significant amount of heat. Efficiency ratings for fireplaces are incredibly low. Between 80% and 90% of the heat from the fires goes up the chimney, rather than into the room. The way fireplaces operate includes a drafting system that creates quick-burning fires frequently in need of re-fueling.

Your wood supply will go much further with a wood stove, and it will supply about three times more heat for your home. Innovative designs have improved wood stove efficiency through the years. These beautiful appliances convert logs into enough heat that you may rarely need to turn on your central heating system through the winter.

If significantly lowering overall heating costs is of interest to you, a wood stove is definitely a better choice than a traditional fireplace.

Environmentally Friendly

In whatever manner you burn wood, it is carbon neutral, unlike all other types of fuel you may use to heat your home.

The amount of particulate matter released into the area as a result of burning wood depends on how complete the combustion is. Because fireplaces are inefficient combustion devices, significant quantities of unburnt combustibles are produced.

Because of design and efficiency, wood stoves do a much better job of accomplishing complete combustion of logs, which lowers the amount of pollution in the air.


Enerzone Top Rated Wood StovesCreosote is more commonly deposited in the chimney flue of a fireplace because the fires aren’t hot enough to burn the tar-like substance. Creosote in the flue makes the home vulnerable to dangerous chimney fires. Other safety issues are essentially the same for both wood stoves and fireplaces, such as:

  • Ensuring that pets and small children aren’t harmed by touching a wood stove or falling into a fireplace and
  • Using mesh curtains or glass doors to be sure sparks don’t escape into the home.

Whether you decide on a fireplace or a wood stove, check out our website at United Fireplace & Stove to find a location that is convenient for you and visit us today.

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