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How Wood Stoves are Keeping Up with the Times

enerzone destination wood stoveFor most products these days, success is tied to delivering the features and benefits people want. What does the modern consumer want? Typically they want economy of use, functionality, aesthetic appeal and environmental friendliness. The modern wood stoves you’ll find on the market today offer all this and more.

Good looks in a wood stove

It’s hard to name the most important feature people look for in wood stoves, but aesthetics and how the unit blends with the décor of their homes has to be near the top. Stoves in the “old days” were built primarily for function – heat a room, maybe do a little cooking. Nowadays, wood stove manufacturers – Enerzone is a good example – create beautiful, top rated wood stoves in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles that offer superb eye-appeal in virtually any environment.

Whether you prefer a steel, iron or soapstone wood burning stove, it’s not hard to find one that has the exact specs you need for you home along with the timeless beauty of crackling, flaming wood behind ornate glass doors.

Wood stoves are economical

For highly efficient heating, it’s hard to beat a wood stove. Modern design technology allows these units to burn hotter and produce a lot more heat than a traditional fireplace. True heat machines, wood stoves let homeowners turn down their thermostats and commonly save between 20 and 40 percent on their heating bills.

No utilities? No problem.

For those of us who live in areas where severe winter storms are commonplace, power outages often occur unexpectedly. What happens when it’s five degrees outside and the all the heat inside the house shuts off? If you have a wood stove, you’re able to keep all or at least part of the house warm as you wait for the gas or electric lines to be repaired.

Another great benefit of some wood stove designs during a power outage is that you can use their tops for cooking. If power is suspended for a long period of time, at least you’ll be able to enjoy some hot food and drinks as you complain about the utility company’s lack of efficiency.

No carbon footprint

Enerzone Solution Wood StovePeople who care about the environment (which is just about everybody today) appreciate using wood as a heating fuel rather than other types of fuel. Why? Because wood is a renewable energy source that leaves no carbon footprint on the environment. While smoke from burning wood is not good for the atmosphere, wood in its natural state (tree) absorbs as much carbon dioxide that’s already in the environment as it adds to it upon combustion, creating a neutral balance. No other fuel performs this way.

In conclusion, there’s no doubt that wood stoves have kept up with the times and provide many features and benefits that today’s consumer wants. The only question is, what kind of stove is right for your home?

United Fireplace & Stove members stores across the United States and Canada can help you answer that question and show you a full line of beautiful wood-burning stoves in a range of styles.

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