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What is Zone Heating?

Zone Heating with your FireplaceIf the thought of wintertime utility bills gives you shivers in any weather, zone heating may be for you. Because the heating strategy gives you the opportunity to turn off your central heating system intermittently even in the harshest days of winter, zone heating is a way to cut utility costs. Homeowners in especially cold climates undoubtedly know that running a central heating system all winter can lead to frighteningly high electricity bills. Zone heating can take every kind of shiver out of the cold of winter.

What is Zone Heating?

Zone heating is turning off central heating and only heating the room you are in, using an alternative heating appliance. There are various types of heating appliances to choose from for zone heating, and the best approach for narrowing down your options is to consider the benefits of each. Based on your particular needs and your lifestyle, you can find the heating appliance that is best suited to your needs.

Fireplace Inserts

If you already have a traditional masonry fireplace, you have probably realized that it may be beautiful but it doesn’t provide a significant amount of heat. The truth is that up to 95% of the heat in traditional fireplaces goes up the chimney instead of into the room. A fireplace insert can change that. There are different kinds of inserts to choose from, all of which are remarkably efficient and suitable for zone heating purposes. According to experts, modification of the chimney lining may not be necessary if you choose a gas, propane, or electric fireplace. Manufacturer’s instructions should be followed. If your fireplace insert is wood-burning or a pellet insert, a professional should evaluate the flue and the connection to the appliance. A replacement flue may be necessary for the sake of both safety and proper operation of the appliance.


enerzone destination wood stoveGas stoves and wood stoves are very popular appliances for zone heating. The wide variety of styles available for wood stoves is truly remarkable. Whether your décor is rustic, traditional, modern, elegant, or shabby chic, there is a wood stove that will serve as a perfect complement. Gas stoves are especially convenient because they can be operated with remote control or the simple flip of a switch.

Zero clearance stoves are among the many types of heating appliances available that can be installed within inches from combustible materials, such as sheetrock. Zero clearance heating appliances make zone heating possible in virtually any room in the home.

Wall-Mounted Fireplaces

In styles that can add an ultra-modern twist to home heating, wall-mounted fireplaces are also ideal for zone heating. Wall-mounted fireplaces are fueled by gas and can be installed in any room. These appliances offer an important element of zone heating in that they are easy and convenient to start and quickly warm up a chilly room. Bathrooms and bedrooms are perfect places to install wall-mounted fireplaces.

We encourage our customers to take the element of angst out of dealing with the high cost of wintertime utility bills. Supplement home heating with zone heating. Contact the professionals at any of our member stores for all of the information you need to make zone heating work for your home.

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