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How to Remodel Your Fireplace this Summer

Fireplace Surround Installation

Incredible Fireplace Surround Upgrade

We’re already well into summer, but there’s still plenty of time to put together a fantastic fireplace makeover.  This isn’t like the “old days,” when you had a fireplace, and that’s all you had for as long as you owned your home.  Today, top manufacturers have come out with a variety of hearth-related products that you can use to give your fireplace area a great new look.  Here are some ways you can remodel your fireplace this summer.


Take a look at your fireplace.  What surrounds it?  The industry uses the term “surround” to describe all the materials and amenities that frame your fireplace.  Maybe you have traditional red brick in a big square that you’re not thrilled with.  Is your mantel boring?  Does the look of the hearth area conflict with how your home’s décor has progressed over the years?  Use the downtime in the summer to change it.

Three of the most popular materials used in modern surrounds include:

Stone: Using natural stone in your surround will give your home a stable and rustic look.  Blending well with both old-fashioned and contemporary home designs, stone facades are fashioned from interesting and attractive materials such as soapstone, granite and neolith, to name just a few.

Wood: Wood is a timeless favorite not only for fireplace surrounds but for many other parts of your home.  It’s easy to find the right wood to remodel your fireplace area with the many tones, patterns and surfaces available today.  Get creative and match your surround wood to other wood-based sections of your home for a truly customized look.

Brick: As noted, you may no longer be excited by a standard red brick surround, but don’t let that put you off brick all together.  Brick is a versatile material and comes in many handsome shades and textures, which makes it easy to create a surround that’s either contemporary or traditional.

Pre-made or custom?

Premade Fireplace Mantel

Exquisite Fireplace Mantels

You can have any fireplace surround remodeling project done by professional builders – crews experienced in brick, stone or wood work and can build to suit.  However, you may find that one of the wide selection of pre-made wall treatments on the market today will perfectly suit your needs.  In fact, for many homeowners, it’s easier to plan the remodel when they can choose a look and know how it will accent their home before any work begins.

By selecting a custom pre-made surround, you can get exactly what you want at much less cost than having it built from scratch.  From the pilaster and frieze to the shelf, mantel facing and a wide range of structural materials, all the components you need to make a dramatic statement with a fireplace remodel this summer are right at your fingertips.

United Fireplace & Stove member stores throughout North America carry a full line of fine hearth products for full-scale remodeling as well as simple spruce-ups.  Shop us first to learn what all is available, and get expert advice on design, installation and coordination.  Our handy store locator will lead you to a store near you.

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