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Modern Style Gas Fireplaces

Best Modern Gas FireplacesThere’s not much that beats the convenience and cleanliness of a gas burning fireplace. When first introduced to the market, gas fireplaces weren’t quite the sight to behold that they are today. Most models featured meek, blue flames that lacked the realistic appeal of the dancing fires created from burning wood. Not to mention, these old units were far from being a heating powerhouse.

On the other hand, modern gas fireplaces provide homeowners with a sleek & stylish way to effectively and efficiently heat their home. Whether you want to add an instant atmosphere to your favorite space or warm up your home on cold, winter nights, a modern style gas fireplace is the perfect option. Eliciting the perfect combination of efficient functionality with elegant beauty, these heating appliances give an unobstructed view of majestic dancing flames that can rival those of a real wood fire.

Unlike big and bulky masonry fireplaces, contemporary gas fireplaces have much more flexibility with installation. Thanks to their minimal design and low-profile construction, these units can be added to rooms where a traditional wood burning fireplace would be impractical. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, even small dens are all viable spaces to add one of these modern heating appliances. Many gas fireplace models even feature a number of different venting options, which allows the unit to be vented vertically or horizontally, adding to the flexible installation benefits.

The sky is the limit when it comes to styles and varieties of modern gas fireplaces. Homeowners can find see-through units, multi-sided models, wall-hung products, and even linear units. You can even choose the type of firebox accents you prefer, from fireglass to modern-looking log sets, to river rock and even stone sculptures. Customizing the surround of your new modern gas fireplace can also change the look and feel of the heating unit.

Modern Gas FireplaceGas fireplaces have always been a convenient & easy alternative to messy and high-maintenance wood burning fireplaces, but the quality, construction, and craftsmanship of current models are unmatched. With convenient features like instant ignition, adjustable flame height and heat output, remote control, and automatic thermostat options, homeowners can enjoy the ambiance and warmth of a fire without the hassle associated with traditional fireplaces.

If you want to see some spectacular modern gas fireplaces in person, stop by your local UFS member hearth store. The fireplace experts there will gladly discuss the benefits and advantages of owning a modern gas fireplace and will help you compare and contrast various models. From sleek wall hanging units to triple-sided gas fireplace peninsulas, you find exactly what you need to meet your heating needs while still complementing your current home décor. Contact us today for more information on the purchase and installation of these contemporary fireplace centerpieces.

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