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Measuring Your Fireplace for a Custom Screen

Stoll Custom Fireplace ScreenAny real estate agent will tell you that a beautiful fireplace is a sought-after amenity for many home buyers. In some cases it’s the deal-maker. Fireplaces bring not only warmth to a home but a touch of elegance and sophistication. One way to further enhance the ambiance of your fireplace is to add a good-looking fireplace screen or door.

Fireplace doors and screens bring safety to any room

Single screens and door screens on fireplaces add visual appeal to the hearth area while providing safety. The close-mesh design of a fireplace screen prevents sparks and embers from popping out into the room and serves as a protective barrier against young children and pets, in particular cats, who might see the dancing flames as potential prey that must be subdued.

Screen products for fireplaces come either as one large screen that covers the entirety of the opening of the firebox, or as screen doors that allow for easy access when adding wood and removing ashes. Either style will look great and safeguard the room from a potential fire hazard. When choosing one of these products, the first step is to get an accurate measurement of the opening of your fireplace.

Measuring for fireplace screens

Start by using a tape measure or ruler to measure the height of both sides of the opening. Then measure across the top and bottom. If any of the measurements are different from their opposite sides, go with the larger measurement.

If you have an arched fireplace opening, measure side-to-side as noted above, then for the vertical measurements, measure both sides as well as the top of the arch. Many fireplace screens and screen doors are made to accommodate virtually any fireplace opening, but accurate measurements are essential to make sure your screen fully covers the opening.

Determine the right style

As to which style of screen is best for you, one thing to take into consideration is convenience. A stand-alone fireplace screen must be physically moved in order to gain access to the firebox, whereas screen doors open fully and make working within the firebox more convenient.

Fireplace Doors Glass Custom Fireplace DoorsAnother consideration is installation, which you may need help with when installing screen doors. If you’re handy with tools, the process isn’t too complicated. If you prefer assistance, you can have a professional fit the doors properly to the outside of the fireplace opening.

When it comes to finding a fireplace door or screen that perfectly accents your hearth and home, you won’t have much trouble. Many top fireplace door manufacturers, such as Stoll, make these products in a wide variety of shapes, styles and finishes, all of which are designed for ultimate safety and elegant eye-appeal.

Have you been thinking of adding a handsome screen or set of screen doors to your fireplace? United Fireplace & Stove member stores throughout North America are here to help you select the style that will best suit your hearth area. Our experts are happy to give you advice on everything related to your fireplace and bringing warmth, safety and elegance into your home. Find a member store near you today.

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