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Masonry vs. Factory-Built Fireplaces

Upgrading a Masonry Fireplace

Masonry Fireplace

Two homeowners on opposite sides of town stand in their respective living rooms on a cold February afternoon. Both are staring at a wall. The wall in Mr. McNeeley’s home contains a masonry fireplace with a roaring fire that’s not doing much to heat the room. The wall in Mr. Ramsey’s home has no fireplace at all and is fronted by various furnishings including a table on which is the most recent heating bill.

Neither man is happy. They’re both paying too much to heat their homes. Fortunately there are smart options for both of them, although each option is different.

Mr. McNeeley’s gaping masonry fireplace is allowing too much of the heat generated by the burning logs to be sucked up the chimney and distributed into the outside winter air. This problem can be solved with a new, highly efficient fireplace insert, which will revolutionize his wood-burning heating system. He picks up the phone in search of answers.

On the other side of town, Mr. Ramsey ponders having a new fireplace built within that big wall. He contemplates the cost of paying brick masons to build an old-fashioned masonry fireplace from scratch and figures maybe it’s worth it. Looking for references and guidance, he calls his local United Fireplace & Stove member store and receives some good news.

The representative on the phone tells him that if heat is what he’s after, he’d be better off in every way by installing a factory-built, zero-clearance fireplace, rather than having a masonry fireplace built. Why, right across town, the rep says, there’s a homeowner with a “traditional” fireplace who called not ten minutes ago looking for a solution that will make his fireplace do a better job at heating, and an open burning masonry fireplace can lose a lot of heat up the chimney.

The UFS representative encourages Mr. Ramsey to come down and look at the beautiful factory-built fireplaces that are available. She tells him that these units burn hotter, create much more heat and provide the same lovely ambiance as big, drafty masonry fireplaces. Mr. Ramsey is sold on the idea, and heads for his car.

Mr. McNeeley reached the same member store with his phone call and is sold on an economical fireplace insert. He likewise makes the trip down to the UFS member store.

Upon arrival, both homeowners are shown a variety of ideal units that will allow them to save money on their winter utility bills and that will make perfect additions to their rooms, matching their current décor and bringing a sense of elegance and pleasure.

Leaving the store at the same time, Mr. Ramsey holds the door open for Mr. McNeeley. “After you,” he says. “No, I got all the time in the world,” Mr. McNeeley says. “I just solved my fireplace problem.”

A cold wind hits both men as they step outside. “Hey, I just solved my fireplace problem, too,” says Mr. Ramsay.

factory-built fireplace installation

Factory-Built Fireplace

“It’s good to have a store with people and products that really can help you,” Mr. McNeeley says. “I don’t know what I would have done without UFS.”

“You would have done the same as me,” Mr. Ramsay says. “Live in a cold house.”

The men bid each other good day and head back to their respective sides of town.

This story shows how United Fireplace & Stove personnel at a local member store were able to solve home heating problems for two homeowners. We can solve your heating challenges, too. Use our handy store locator to find a UFS member store near you, and come on down – from whatever side of town you live on.

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