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Keep Your Fireplace a Centerpiece All Year Long With These Tips

Stylish Fireplace Linear Model What is your fireplace doing during the months you’re not using it?  Sounds like a dumb question, because the answer most likely is “Nothing.  Just sitting there.”  Well, it doesn’t have to just sit there.  You can make your fireplace as much of a centerpiece in your home during the warmer months as it is when fires are blazing during the cold season.  Here are a few tips.


The mantel

With each season, you have ample creative opportunities to decorate, and the fireplace mantel is a good place to start.  Use fresh or artificial flowers, vases, trinkets, stones, carvings, photos and more to build mantel displays for all the seasons and holidays.

Mantels are often used for family photos, but there’s no reason not to decorate around those photos with pastels in the spring, yellow and green in the summer, orange and red in the fall and silver, black and white in the winter.  Bring the seasons to life and add variety to your days.

The firebox

After the last fire of the season, do a thorough cleaning of your firebox by removing all the ashes, dust and smoke residue.  Then start imagining what you can do with that space.  Candle and lighting displays are popular.  If you have kids, why not showcase some of their handiwork inside the firebox?  You can think “seasonal” here, too, to go along with other design concepts in the fireplace area and throughout your home.

Another option is to use the firebox for a miniature flowerbed with indoor plants and flowers in nice-looking pots.  Some people like to seal off the opening of the firebox with a mural or tapestry that brings some flair to the living space.

The surround

Stone Fireplace SurroundThe area around the fireplace is perfect for all kinds of hanging decorations, lighting, new paint (if the area is a paintable material) and anything else.  Consider this section of the home your design masterpiece, and spend a little time all year long coming up with new and interesting motifs to amaze family and friends when they visit.

If the wall section around your fireplace is basically just a wall, you can create instant vibrancy with a new, pre-made surround that will reflect the overall theme of your current décor.  Surrounds are available in many different “looks” such as handsome stone, brick, marble, granite and wood grain.  You’ll be amazed how a room can come alive with a tasteful new surround.

With just these few ideas, you can see how your fireplace can be a centerpiece within your home all year long.  Use your imagination, get creative, get the whole family involved.  For more ideas and to check out a full line of great fireplace and hearth accessories, talk with your local expert at a United Fireplace & Stove member store in your area.

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