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Electric Fireplaces, Logs, & Stoves Have Increased In Popularity and It’s Not Hard to See Why!

Best Modern Electric FireplacesModern electric fireplaces are greatly improved over the styles of the past. That may be the number one reason electric fireplaces, logs, and stoves have been increasingly in demand in recent years. Chimneys are not needed for installation or use of electric hearth products. In fact, no venting is required. Electric fireplaces, stoves, and logs are easy to install. The output of heat can be turned off entirely or regulated, making these electric appliances perfect for use in any season, particularly in areas that have mild winters.

More Benefits of Modern Electric Fireplaces, Stoves, and Logs

Thanks to technological advances, the flame simulation in electric fireplaces, stoves, and logs is remarkably realistic. Enjoying the ambiance that was formerly only possible with wood-burning or gas fireplaces is now as easy to simulate as switching the power on an appliance.

Enjoying the visual effects of electric fireplaces uses about as much electricity as one to two light bulbs at a cost of pennies per day. If optional heaters are also used, the cost of operation increases and usually exceeds the cost of a fireplace fueled with wood or gas. When used sparingly, an electric fireplace or stove will only produce a small spike in electricity costs.

An environmental benefit of electrical fireplaces, wood stoves, and logs is that neither smoke nor air pollution are created.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces improve the ambiance of a room because they are very similar in appearance to models fueled by gas or wood. There are countless options for enhancing and installing these convenient units. For instance, the firebox and logs could be surrounded and enclosed with a pre-fab wood mantel and surround. Many homeowners opt to create their own versions of a built-in look. Choosing marble and other high-end finishes will typically mean a higher cost. An electric fireplace can provide warmth that removes the chill from the air, but it’s not designed to be a primary heat source during wintry weather. The most popular sizes of electric fireplace heaters are from 36” to 42”.

Electric Logs

Converting a wood fireplace to electric can be as easy as purchasing electric logs and plugging them in. The logs should simply be placed in the fireplace opening and turned on. The faux look of wood and/or coals is very realistic and similar in appearance to real wood and embers. The benefit of this option is that you can still enjoy your masonry fireplace but without the need to chop, haul, or burn logs. Convenience is very much a commodity today, and the simplicity of using electric logs is tough to beat.

Electric Freestanding Stoves

Choosing an Electric FireplaceSelf-contained electric freestanding stoves are simple to use and can be installed virtually anywhere. First, simply choose an electric woodstove in a design that appeals to you and matches your home’s décor. There are modern styles as well as others that resemble pot belly stoves of days gone by. Place the electric stove in any space where you can plug the appliance in. An electric heater is optional. At any time of year, you can turn on the visual effects and enjoy the ambiance of bona fide wood stove.

Visit the member store nearest you and check out the beautiful electric fireplaces, logs, and stoves. There’s no easier way to enjoy the most popular home amenities.

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