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You Don’t Have to Compromise Warmth with a Gas Fireplace

Gas FIreplace InsertThroughout North America, homeowners are turning on the gas for home heating, bypassing the traditional wood fireplace and opting for modern, efficient gas units.  Gas fireplaces bring many advantages to a home including energy efficiency, great zone-heating options and, of course, heat.

Heating with gas

Gas fireplaces have come a long way in the last several decades.  They’re available in both non-vented and direct-vent models, both of which provide varying levels of heat.  Direct-vent fireplaces can be vented through a wall or through the ceiling.  They also can be installed in an existing wood fireplace as an insert and vented through the chimney.

Manufacturers of gas fireplaces list the heating capacity of their products in terms of BTUs, which stands for British Thermal Units. Direct-vent gas fireplace models provide BTU levels ranging from 20,000 for very small rooms up to 40,000 and more, which is sufficient for most larger rooms.

Go with gas for zone heating and easy use

Unlike wood fireplaces, gas models can be installed in just about every room in a house to provide supplemental – or sole – heating.  In a bedroom, for example, going to the trouble and expense of building a masonry wood-burning fireplace wouldn’t be practical for most situations. A gas fireplace, however, installs easily in a bedroom and brings quick, convenient heat, controlled by a handy remote.

It’s hard to beat a gas fireplace for zone heating in bedrooms, kitchens, game rooms and even bathrooms.  Starting the fire is automatic and fast.  When heat is no longer needed, you simply turn off the unit, without having to make sure the fire is fully out like with a wood fireplace.

Simple maintenance is another reason people like to heat with gas. Wood fireplaces require quite a bit of cleaning – of both the firebox and the chimney system. This is because wood smoke contains sticky creosote that clings to any surface it comes into contact with. Gas burns clean, meaning less work for the homeowner and less expense that wood fireplace users incur when paying for professional chimney sweep services.

Premade Fireplace Mantel

Gas fireplace ambience

While a gas fire doesn’t perfectly mimic a roaring log fire, people seeing a gas fireplace in operation for the first time often are amazed at how realistic the log sets and flames look.  Remarkable advances in design have taken place over the years, making the look of a gas fire more and more like its wood counterpart.

For heating large or small rooms, ease of operation, simple maintenance and aesthetic beauty, gas fireplaces are the perfect choice for more and more homeowners these days.  We invite you to see some of the beautiful new models of gas fireplaces at United Fireplace & Stove, where you can get all the help you need in selecting the appliance that’s just right for your needs and lifestyle.

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