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Combining Beauty & Function, Wood Stoves Shed Their Bulky Image

PotbellyStoveWhen you think of a wood stove, an old-fashioned pot-bellied stove may come to mind. Wood stoves have been around since being invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1743. Franklin invented the stoves as a public health service because fireplaces were endangering countless lives. Wood stoves have always been on the market since their invention. In recent years, however, they’ve been made with entirely new and improved design.

The reasons people invest in a wood stove have changed over the years. Originally, they were an improvement over fireplaces, as regards safety. At various intervals, the popularity of wood stoves has fluctuated. A fireplace and wood stove expert out of Newtown, Connecticut, said that in his experience, wood stoves were once chiefly sought after by homeowners looking to heat their homes more economically. Through the decades of his experience, wood stoves evolved significantly. For about the last decade or two, wood stoves have been popular more because they are eco-friendly and because they are far more aesthetically pleasing.

Wood pellet stoves are considered by many experts to be the most efficient heating source in the country. The innovation that went into the invention of the pellet wood stove is as impressive as the original prototype, the Franklin Stove. The fuel for pellet wood stoves is comprised of wood waste. Saw dust and other wood by-products used to create approximately 1-inch pellets are highly compressed. The pellets are fed into a burn pot or combustion chamber by way of a hopper. The fire in a pellet stove needs no further attention, other than to add more pellets when the hopper is empty. Most importantly, combustion is incredibly complete, with ash needing to be cleaned only on occasion. The stove emits sufficient heat to warm large areas, even in freezing weather. The efficiency rating of top models exceeds 95 percent.

Other wood stoves have catalytic combustors, which also provide a boost in efficiency. Non-catalytic wood stoves are another type you can choose from. You don’t even have to go with wood fuel. There are also gas stoves today, and they are also available in numerous styles to go with a wide range of home design schemes.


modern-stoveIf you haven’t shopped for a wood stove lately, you would probably be pleasantly surprised to see how remarkably they’ve evolved. Wood stoves are available in a wide range of attractive styles. You can even purchase sleek wood stoves that fit in with modern décor.

Wood stoves in previous times were always black in color, but that has changed. Black is still undeniably the most popular shade. Other colors for wood stoves include red, copper, sand, and salt and pepper. Some wood stoves look like cylinders and others provide 360-degree viewing of fires.

No doubt about it, modern wood stoves that are EPA-certified are highly efficient. Many styles have a completely new look, as well. Wood stoves are now as different from pot-bellied stoves in appearance and efficiency as the current U.S.A. is compared to the state of our nation in Franklin’s time.

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