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Brilliant Benefits of Fireplace Gas Log Sets

Best Gas Log SetsWood fireplace, or gas?  It’s a simple question homeowners ask themselves when choosing a fireplace for their homes.  It’s also a question with several important implications.  Not all fireplaces are created equal, and it pays to know ahead of time what you’re getting into when making a decision.

Both gas and wood fireplaces can be welcomed and pleasing additions to any home.  Gas fireplaces or gas log sets are often chosen by modernists, while wood fireplaces are popular with traditionalists.  Beyond that, let’s dig deeper.


The ease of using gas log sets

While a gas-driven fireplace does produce an actual flame, it doesn’t burn anything; rather, it creates heat within the logs.  In this sense, it’s about as simple to operate as an electric space heater.  Log sets have long life and don’t fall apart or spew embers the way wood logs do.

Operating a gas fireplace is as simple as turning on a switch – either on the unit or from a remote device.  The radiant heat from a gas log set can be accurately controlled in models with thermostats.  Some models include blowers to send heat into the room.

A gas fireplace system can run on natural gas or propane from a nearby tank.  Setting it up requires not much more than running a gas line into the house and making sure everything is connected properly.

Vent-free vs. vented

Gas log sets are available in vented and vent-free styles.  The vented version can replace an existing wood-burning fireplace and requires a working flue vent.  People choose vented gas fireplaces more for their beauty and aesthetic appeal than for supplemental heating as these units aren’t big producers of warmth.

Vent-free systems can be operated either in a traditional wood fireplace with a closed damper or in a firebox enclosure that’s approved for non-vented use.  This style is considered a supplemental heating unit and produces more heat than the vented variety.

The look of a real log fire without the smoke

Best Gas LogsModern gas log sets are made to produce a striking resemblance to a real wood fire.  Gas logs come in a variety of sizes (both width and diameter) and include marks and inconsistencies like knots and unusual textures that are common in wood logs.

Today’s technology has made it so that you have to really look at a glowing set of gas logs to realize it’s not actually wood burning in the firebox.  And for many homeowners, this is a big reason for going with gas instead of wood.

Finally, gas is clean-burning, unlike wood.  When using gas log sets, you don’t have the creosote buildup in a chimney that wood fires produce.  This means no major cleaning projects undertaken on a yearly basis to keep the home safe.

These are some of the advantages of using gas log sets in your home fireplace.  United Fireplace & Stove member stores throughout North America will be happy to show you a large selection of gas fireplaces and gas log sets that might be a perfect addition to your living space.  Use our handy store locator to find a member store near you.

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