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Benefits of a Multi-Sided Fireplace in Your Home

United Fireplace StoresWhat is better than enjoying the warmth and flickering flames in your traditional fireplace? Enjoying that same fire and warmth in two rooms at the same time, of course. Double-sided fireplaces are among the most exciting advancements in solid-fuel burning appliances, and they are also certainly among the most beautiful. These innovative heating appliances are uniquely designed to function fully on both sides. Multi-sided fireplaces are installed in a wall between two spaces or rooms, allowing both sides to have a view of the fire while also enjoying the heat it provides. The following is more information about the benefits of having a double-sided fireplace in your home.

Fuel Options

Once you’ve settled on getting the coziness of a fireplace in two rooms for the price of one, you need to decide what type of fuel you’d like to burn in the fireplace. You can choose from wood-burning and gas-burning models. Each of the manufacturers of multi-sided fireplaces provides a wonderful set of options, so that there is likely a style for any type of décor.

Benefits of using gas include convenience of use and an on-demand fire, complete with coziness and warmth.

Benefits of using wood include that fuel can be no-cost or low-cost and the popular ambiance, complete with a crackling fire, that only a genuine wood-burning appliance can create.


A typical masonry chimney works just as well on a double-sided fireplace as with the traditional single fireplace. If you have a gas fireplace, venting can be simpler. Actually, there are non-vented gas fireplaces available, as well as vented. The direct-vent technology is what eliminates the need for a chimney.

Two-Sided Gas Fireplace

Here is an example of the types of specifics you can get in a gas multi-sided fireplace:

  • The amount of heat provided can be up to 40,000 BTUs or more, which is a lot of warmth.
  • You can choose a model with, for example, an 8-piece log set and grate with very realistic-looking logs.
  • Each set is complete with glowing embers and authentic-looking flames.
  • The viewing area can be 641 square inches or more.
  • Blowers used to move heat throughout the room are very quiet.
  • The unit can be conveniently operated by remote control.

No Electricity Required

Whether you have a double-sided fireplace that’s fueled with wood or with gas, another benefit is that no electricity is required for operation. In a blackout, which is a common event in severe winter storms, your modern fireplace will provide you with a source of heat and light. With the right tools, you may also be able to safely and conveniently cook in the fireplace.

Higher Home Value

Should the day come when you want to sell your home, having a double-sided fireplace will go a long way towards making it a quicker sell at a higher price. According to the National Center for Real Estate Research, the value of an average home can be increased by between 6% and 12% by adding a fireplace.

Stop by one of our member stores and look at the double-sided fireplaces available today. See for yourself just how much more they can add to a home, even as compared to a traditional fireplace.

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