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Benefits of Bi-Fold Glass Fireplace Doors

Fireplace Bi Fold DoorsAlthough fireplaces are welcomed additions to homes for many reasons, one of the biggest reasons why people love fireplaces is because of how they enhance the aesthetics of any living space.  One way to add even more beauty to your hearth area is by installing a set of handsome bi-fold glass fireplace doors.

Tracked bi-fold doors

Aside from looking good, bi-fold doors are also very functional.  A popular style has two glass panes on each side with hinges and handles so you can create just the right size of opening.  They run on a track on the top and bottom for secure operation.

This type of fireplace door is considered safer if there are children in the home as they don’t open all the way out and aren’t as simple for a young child to operate.

Trackless bi-fold doors

Another popular style is trackless doors, also referred to as full-swing fireplace doors.  These doors also are bi-fold but can be pulled completely away from the fireplace frame to afford a better view of the fire.  Trackless bi-fold doors are probably better suited for homes without children as they are easier to open and are more likely to break than the tracked variety.

If energy efficiency is particularly important, trackless doors are the best choice as they have fewer seams to allow air to come through.  Trackless doors are also easier to clean than doors with tracks.

Why a fireplace should have doors

Whether you choose bi-fold glass fireplace doors in the tracked or trackless variety – or traditional doors with single panels on each side – you’re making a smart move where safety is concerned.  This is especially true with wood-burning fireplaces, where a roaring fire can spit out sparks and embers that are messy to clean up and could be potentially dangerous.

Fireplace screens are one option for securing the firebox, and they’re a good choice for many homes.  But it’s hard to beat a beautiful set of bi-fold glass doors to add a touch of elegance to the hearth area.

Of course, while providing protection, glass fireplace doors will pick up residue from the burning fire and need to be cleaned regularly to keep them looking sparkling new.  A standard glass cleaner is usually sufficient to do this job.  If the doors become highly coated, talk with someone at your local hearth store for recommendations.


Stoll BiFold Glass Fireplace DoorsIf you’re handy with tools, you can likely install your own doors.  However, if you’re unsure of doing this kind of work, it’s always best to hire a professional to make sure the doors are installed properly and safely.

You can find a variety of tracked and trackless bi-fold glass fireplace doors at United Fireplace & Stove retail outlets throughout North America.  We’ll help you choose the best product to fit your needs and match your home’s décor.  Use our handy store locator to find a UFS member store near you.

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