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4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Fireplace When Building a Home

Real Trained Repair TechniciansMaking plans for building a new home? If a fireplace is included, an ever-popular feature, we suggest that you include plans for a fireplace upgrade. If an upgrade to the fireplace is not included in the construction scheme, you will likely end up with a builder grade fireplace that fails to provide the best benefits that a fireplace can offer. For about $5 per month or perhaps less over the span of your home loan, you can avoid the downfalls of a builder grade fireplace and enjoy maximum benefits that enhance your home’s beauty and help you cut the cost of heating in winter.

Builder grade fireplaces are built in a way that helps to cut construction budget expenses. These inefficient fireplaces are frequently lacking in aesthetic appeal and represent a missed opportunity. The following are four reasons to upgrade the fireplace in your new home.

Eye Appeal

A fireplace is always the most eye-catching feature in a room, but it doesn’t always have visual appeal. Rather than settling for a generic, plain, builder-grade fireplace, do some research and choose an awe-inspiring design. There are countless options for fireplaces and fireplace surrounds. Because the fireplace is a favorite place to gather with family and friends, you can’t go wrong by ensuring that it is a beautiful and unique feature. In winter, your experience of warming by the fire will be enhanced if the fireplace is made with an element of outstanding architecture. There’s no better place than a stunning mantle to display holiday decorations that can thrill the heart.


A typical masonry fireplace is not a viable heat source. In fact, just the opposite is true. Up to 95% of the heat from a fire goes up the chimney, not into the home. When not in use, the fireplace can literally be like an open window that never closes. As a result, the air that you heat or cool using a central heating system is drawn outdoors through the chimney, making the HVAC system work harder to get the temperature right in your home. Upgrade the fireplace by having a fireplace insert installed, and the efficiency level of the fireplace changes drastically. Instead of being lost in the chimney, the heat from your upgraded fireplace that enters your home will be significant. There are well-sealed doors included in most kinds of fireplace upgrades, and they help prevent the massive exchange of air through the chimney when the fireplace isn’t in operation.

Zone Heating

With a fireplace that provides significant warmth, you can opt for zone heating, a popular trend among homeowners in the U.S. The benefit of zone heating is that you can shut off central heating or at least set it on a low temperature and heat only the room you are in. If your fireplace has been upgraded, it can contribute to zone heating. For zone heating to work effectively, an efficient heating appliance of some kind should be installed in every room you may want to spend time in during winter.Low Cost Wood Fireplaces

Cut Heating Costs

Due to increased efficiency, the money you save on heating expenses in winter should more than make up for the additional cost of a fireplace upgrade on your monthly mortgage.

Some investments are undeniably worthwhile, and a fireplace upgrade during home construction is one such investment. Contact one of our member stores for helpful tips on upgrading the fireplace being built in your new home.

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