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Zero-Clearance Fireplace – Cost-Efficient Fireplaces Ready to Install

Zero-clearance fireplaces may be the fulfillment of everyman’s dream. Most people want a fireplace in their home; but masonry fireplaces are bulky and can be cost-prohibitive. Zero-clearance fireplaces have flexible, hassle-free installation requirements. Just about any space in any person’s home in the U.S. is likely to be ideal for having a fireplace installed, as […]

You Don’t Have to Compromise Warmth with a Gas Fireplace

Throughout North America, homeowners are turning on the gas for home heating, bypassing the traditional wood fireplace and opting for modern, efficient gas units.  Gas fireplaces bring many advantages to a home including energy efficiency, great zone-heating options and, of course, heat. Heating with gas Gas fireplaces have come a long way in the last […]

Which Gas Fireplace is Best for My Room?

Are you wondering which gas fireplace is the best one to add to a room in your home? That’s a question many people are asking these days. Gas fireplaces provide numerous benefits that have made them the favorite choice of homeowners across the U.S. You can add a beautiful, convenient, modern gas fireplace to a […]

Benefits of Bi-Fold Glass Fireplace Doors

Although fireplaces are welcomed additions to homes for many reasons, one of the biggest reasons why people love fireplaces is because of how they enhance the aesthetics of any living space.  One way to add even more beauty to your hearth area is by installing a set of handsome bi-fold glass fireplace doors. Tracked bi-fold […]

Combining Beauty & Function, Wood Stoves Shed Their Bulky Image

When you think of a wood stove, an old-fashioned pot-bellied stove may come to mind. Wood stoves have been around since being invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1743. Franklin invented the stoves as a public health service because fireplaces were endangering countless lives. Wood stoves have always been on the market since their invention. In […]

Keep Your Fireplace a Centerpiece All Year Long With These Tips

What is your fireplace doing during the months you’re not using it?  Sounds like a dumb question, because the answer most likely is “Nothing.  Just sitting there.”  Well, it doesn’t have to just sit there.  You can make your fireplace as much of a centerpiece in your home during the warmer months as it is […]

Five Lessons for Heating Your Home with Wood

Burning firewood to heat your home is very different from using a thermostat-controlled central heating system. Many in this high-tech age struggle with the primitive task of building, lighting, and maintaining a fire that provides the desired amount of heat without smoldering and creating excess smoke. There are the questions of how much wood is […]

How to Remodel Your Fireplace this Summer

We’re already well into summer, but there’s still plenty of time to put together a fantastic fireplace makeover.  This isn’t like the “old days,” when you had a fireplace, and that’s all you had for as long as you owned your home.  Today, top manufacturers have come out with a variety of hearth-related products that […]

Tips for a Great Fireplace Remodel

Fireplaces are extremely popular among homeowners across North America.  In addition to serving as a supplemental – or sole – source of heat, fireplaces provide a focal point for entertaining, relaxing and just living life.  When a fireplace doesn’t provide these benefits, it’s time to do something about it. There are several reasons to look […]

Heat your House with your Fireplace by Moving Hot Air

Whether you live in a snowy region or a moderate winter climate, saving money on heating costs is typically considered an idea worth looking into. One way to shut off central heating and yet stay toasty warm is by moving the hot air from your fireplace throughout the home. Your fireplace should be a pellet […]

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