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4 Tips for Getting the Most Benefit out of a Wood Stove

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Saving money on utility costs is smart and gets smarter every year, as energy prices continue to climb. With modern innovations, the efficiencies of wood stoves can hardly be compared with former times. Top-of-the-line appliances can even rate up to 90% in efficiency. To get the most out of using a wood-burning stove, maximize on the potential benefits by:

  • Circulating the heat through your home.
  • Painstakingly insulating your home.
  • Buying a wood stove that has a cook top.
  • Replacing an old wood stove with a modern appliance.

Circulate heat. With the help of air circulation, the heat from your wood stove can heat more than the room it’s installed in. Wood stove manufacturers usually offer optional fans, which are costly but don’t necessarily boost efficiency to a large degree. It’s because of the way air in a room moves that the fans, which are usually quite noisy, make very little difference.

Of course, air currents are invisible; but if you could see them, here is what you would see the air around a wood stove doing:

  • Cool air sweeps toward the stove from the floor level.
  • The cold air envelopes the wood stove.
  • The air rises in a large plume toward the ceiling.
  • The plume just naturally moves air around the room more effectively than a small fan on a wood stove.

There are other ways to circulate the heat. The most common type of fan that homeowners use to circulate heat from a wood stove is the basic ceiling fan programmed to push the hot air back down into the room.

If you don’t mind investing in home improvements, install a transom window above a door between rooms. Leave the transom open, and it will help to facilitate air circulation through the house.

Another option is to install a doorway fan in a top corner of a door between rooms. This won’t move air from room to room as effectively as a transom, but it can help.

Add additional insulation, as needed. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to move air around your home if the heat will simply escape to the out-of-doors. No heating system can have maximum efficiency in a home that lacks adequate insulation. There are many ways to improve on insulation, such as sealing areas around pipes that come in from the outside and adding insulation behind wall sockets. In addition, consider replacing single-pane windows with double panes for even better insulation. Extra layers of insulation in the attic could be the best approach.

Quality Wood StovesSpend some time or get help from a professional to identify areas where your home’s heated and cooled air escapes.

Choose a wood stove that can be used for cooking. Power outages are not altogether uncommon, and a wood stove that can also cook is a priceless benefit in such times. The inconvenience of going without electricity can be greatly reduced by a wood stove that provides warmth, possibly a source of lighting (depending on whether the doors are glass or not), and can be used to warm or cook food. Enjoy hot tea and hot food using only your stove and the firewood you stored up for winter.

Invest in a more efficient wood stove. If you have an old-style wood stove, you may not realize all the many benefits to switching to one of the efficiency models available today. Benefits of a replacement stove include:

  • New stoves are 50% more energy efficient.
  • You can use one-third less firewood to produce the same amount of heat, which means annual cost savings.
  • Using new models represents savings in fuel, money, resources, and time.
  • Reduced risk of a house fire due to a lot less creosote build-up in the chimney.
  • Being gentler on the environment and your health. New wood stoves produce 70% less particle pollution outdoors and inside, which can mean less potential health complications from wood by-products.

A wood stove can be more of a benefit in winter than many people realize. Why not shop for a high-efficiency stove today, and get ready for the next cold season?


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