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Are Bargain Wood Stoves, Gas Stoves and Pellet Stoves a good value?

Buying Discount Wood StovesPurchasing a brand new heating appliance can be a big financial burden. For this reason, the price of the unit you choose will be without a doubt weighed heavily in the purchase decision. But there are other important factors that should also be considered when you go to purchase a heating stove.


The materials used to make wood, gas or pellet stoves will directly affect how long your new heating appliance will last. Big box stores often carry very inexpensive heating appliances.  The way that suppliers bring down the cost of these units is to use less expensive materials. This means the appliance will not last as long.  There may also be concerns with the safety of these stoves as well. The professionals at a hearth store will be able to educate you on the differences in the longevity of the bargain appliances versus high quality stoves.

The Extras

You may find an inexpensive wood-burning stove that fits your needs at a big-box store.  These retailers do not typically specialize in this type of equipment. While the price may be lower than anywhere else, you must also factor in what the “extras” will cost. These “extras” might include the delivery, installation and servicing of the unit once it is installed. If these elements are not included in the price of the unit, this can substantially add to the price you pay to get your new stove up and running.  Many hearth specialty stores can provide a turn-key project.  They will often include the price of the vent pipe or chimney components and the delivery and installation in the price. This can translate into significant savings when you choose to purchase from industry professionals.


If you are looking for a decorative feature or a stove that you will rarely use, the bargain units may be the best fit for your needs. On the other hand, if you need a stove that will last many years and serve as a heat source for your home, it will be worth the extra investment to purchase a quality unit. Many hearth stores will sell the less expensive models that the big box stores have, but they will also have a wide range of other units with varying price points and features. The experienced stove professionals can help you find a unit that fits with your budget and also meet your quality standards.

Discount Direct Vent Gas Stoves

Expert Staff

A big box store typically has a sales staff that knows very little about the heating appliances they sell. When you go to a hearth specialty store, expect a completely different experience. Hearth stores have expert sales staff that knows each unit inside and out. They are specially trained to match customers with the perfect unit for their needs. While price is an important factor, hearth shops will typically have quality equipment in different price ranges.  They will help you choose the stove that will maximize your investment and that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Hearth stores receive much of their business from word of mouth recommendations.  There’s a reason friends and relatives encourage each other to do business at a specific store.  Hearth professionals are willing to go the extra mile for each customer to ensure they receive the best service possible. They do not have pushy sales people who are trying to sell as many units per day as possible. Instead, hearth stores are focused on providing superior service to their customers.  The result are satisfied customer’s who voluntarily spread the word about their buying  experience. Don’t fall for the bargain price tag.  Instead, visit your local hearth store and find people who are committed to helping you make an intelligent buying decision and finding the perfect stove for your home.

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